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Do You Hate Negotiating?

Do you hate negotiating? Have you ever wondered if there could be a faster, more bearable way of purchasing a car? We’re here to ease your pain. Here are our top three loopholes!

Credit Union: If you know your credit score and have a decent track record, you can apply for a car loan through your union. This is a great way around the dealers, because your bank/credit union will give you favorable rates! Simply get approved, pick a car, sign the papers, give the dealer the pre-approval, and you’re off! Simple!

Car Broker: These guys will negotiate for you. They will almost always do all of the legwork for you. This takes the edge off of the mind numbing negotiating stages!

Car Max: “The way car buying should be.” They’re right. It most certainly is. Why? Well, at Car Max you will find they have “No-Haggle” pricing. This means that what you see is the exact price. There are no gimmicks. If you choose to trade in your car, they do that as well! Car Max will do everything in their power to keep your car purchase as stress free as possible. They’ll even go as far as driving you around their lot to show you what they have in their inventory.

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