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The Porsche Taycan: An Electric Revolution For The Brand

The Porsche Taycan is a sporty premium electric sedan and the first electric vehicle from the company's stable. Since the debut of the lineup, the Porsche Taycan has been one of the most favored premium vehicles on the street, whether gas or electric. Users have been very happy with the ability of the car to function both as a city vehicle and give a performance like a supercar when required.


What's New


- Revisions to optional and standard equipment

- New plug-in hybrid version



- Great acceleration

- Fast charging


- Expensive

- The rear legroom is less


Price Range: $82,700 - $1,85,000

Pointcom Rating: 8.8 / 10




The latest Porsche Taycan mixture of performance and driving makes it among the most interesting electric cars in the market today. You will get the car on many of the top lists of electric vehicles. The Porsche Taycan has a high-tech interior that is very customizable and gorgeous. The car lives up to its luxurious cost completely. The car also does a great job of reminding the driver that they are driving a premium car because of the refined drive, great composure, and smooth handling. When you press on the accelerator, it feels like you have fired a bullet. The brakes are also quite capable of stopping the acceleration when required. But they do not have the power of regeneration that other traditional electrical vehicles have. Also, the pedal has a somewhat passive feeling to it.


Technological Changes


The Porsche Taycan comes with a Bose sound system. It gives great clarity and a thumping sound, even when the volume is turned up quite high. The navigation system is quite simple to understand. It has the capability to display several map views when the user activates Apple CarPlay. The latter comes by default in the Porsche Taycan. The latest version has also incorporated Android Auto. There are also several USB charging ports and a wireless charger. The lower trims do not have usual driving aids, including adaptive cruise control. The other driving aids can become somewhat overbearing at moments. The optional surround-view camera did not function properly in the beginning. But it functioned well with the parking assist sensors when it did start working. The reverse camera picture looked a little like a fish-eye lens. The user will be able to view a lot of things that are behind the car. But the distorted image makes it a little complicated to gauge the distance of the car to those things.


Driving Experience


The great thing about the Porsche Taycan is its maneuverability around corners. It has the ease of a rear-wheel-drive sports vehicle along with the balance required for city roads. You will get great thrust and traction when you get out of turns. You will feel like you are cheating against the other usual cars on the card. The brakes also perform very well. They give good stopping power, and no airy feeling that is usual among many hybrids and electric vehicles present today. The Porsche Taycan performs well during casual cruising too. But it does not have auto regenerative braking. Several electric vehicles give enough regeneration when not accelerating, so touching the brake pedal is not required. But the Porsche Taycan is not one of those cars.


Comfort Factor


The seating of the Porsche Taycan is very comfortable. It will not give the user any type of sinking feeling. The sports seats also give the lateral support required for dynamic driving. You may be able to drive the vehicle for nearly ten hours a day without feeling totally drained out. So that is a big thumbs-up for the car. The rear seats are not as good as the front seats. The floor height is slightly elevated, the toe room is narrow, and the lumbar support is overly prominent. The ride comfort is very good on the Porsche Taycan. Although the car weighs a lot, it handles very well, and the drive is very well composed. The vehicle also has silent interiors. The engine noise of the car is nearly nonexistent. But the passengers in the vehicle will not hear any external noise when sitting inside the car.




The Porsche Taycan is the brand's foray into the space of electric cars. It does not disappoint the user in any way. The Porsche Taycan is a tech masterpiece that gives great comfort and smooth driving. With the push of a button, it can give a performance that can go against the best sports cars in the world. The car is a technological marvel indeed.


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