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A Closer Look At What The Porsche Macan Has To Offer

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 18,2022

The brand Porsche is synonymous with sports vehicles. Recently, the firm has taken a giant leap forward into the future with its electric vehicle Taycan. But it is the sports utility vehicles from the brand that is getting really popular among the enthusiasts of Porsche right now. It is also quite clear that the Porsche Macan is a sports utility vehicle for car enthusiasts. Since the lineup started nearly seven years ago, the Porsche Macan has had a great response and swift acceleration. The Macan is a compact premium sports utility vehicle that comes in several trims. The higher one climbs up on the ladder of trims, the more features, and power they get. All trims come fitted with a dual-clutch auto transmission and an all-wheel drive. Different car makers give their own versions of the sports utility vehicle. But many like giving more utility than sports features. But you cannot say the same with the Porsche Macan.


The handling and the speed of the car are of prime importance here. This makes the car feel like it is giving very high performance. But the car also gives a good dose of the latest tech, comfort, and premium feel to make it one of the most sought-after sports utility vehicles on the market today. The base Macan has a turbocharged engine and is quite fun. But the company also gives a good boost to the power in the higher trims. They give such a performance that can put many sports vehicles in the shade. The mid-tier trim gives a lot of excitement but does not blow out your wallet. But if you are feeling a little generous, the lineup gets a leg up on its rivals by giving a lot of choices for customizing the car. But the great features of the Porsche Macan come at a cost. It does sacrifice the practicality and the value for the money part. Other premium sports utility vehicles are not so costly and more friendly toward passengers.





The lineup of sports utility vehicles of the brand started with the release of the Cayenne. But the Porsche Macan is compact and gives a lot more feel of the sporting vibe of the brand while also giving greater space for users and luggage than the usual sports car. The turbocharged engine is present by default, but the top trims are also given more power through the twin-turbo engines. The handling is great on all the trims of the brand and gives a great riding experience that will turn the haters of this segment into fans. It will quickly become one of the favorite crossovers in the market for many people. There are some rivals that give more premium equipment as default. But the Porsche Macan is a compact and upscale sports utility vehicle that looks to keep driving pleasure as its main concern and all other priorities after that.




The default interior fittings of the Porsche Macan are not so satisfying in a sports utility vehicle that costs this much. It is also quite costly to replace the fittings in a manner that suits this car. There is also not a lot of space for people seated in the back seats of this car as in its rivals. The seats can be power adjusted for the front passenger and the driver. They are comfy, but it is not a good thing when they are the only piece of equipment in the interiors that feel premium. The brand could have covered the whole interiors in leather. This could have made the interiors look significantly premium. But Porsche looks to make some more cash here by needing more than two thousand dollars to cover the doors and dashboard in cowhide. There are tiny interior cubbies and small cargo hold, making this car one of the least practical ones in the sports utility vehicle segment. But users cannot expect a very practical car from the brand. Users can fit more than five carry-on suitcases behind the bench and fifteen after folding the rear seats. This should be good enough for the majority of people.


Tech Features


The previous generation vehicle from the lineup was the last to have the center console design with hard buttons. But the present generation of Porsche Macan has the latest design culture from the brand. It is filled with haptic buttons. Many users do not like the choice of a haptic touch panel instead of actual buttons. But the firm has grouped the controls well. Users will also not get many blank buttons, which can happen in some cases. But, plastic is not easy to keep dirt out of. The transmission shifter also has a lower profile now, and the steering wheels are taken from the brand's latest design of the sports cars. But these updates do not come free of cost. The base car is a little costlier than the previous generation model. But the higher trims come at a much greater price. It was not cheap to buy a Porsche Macan from the start. But now, it has become much harder to buy for the average public. Also, the space in the rear passenger seats and the overall cargo space are still major issues. But it is still one of the best compact premium sports utility vehicles for car enthusiasts.





In the Porsche Macan, the acceleration is not so high from a position of rest. But changing to the Sport mode does remove these issues. The car rapidly picks up speed when it is started. There is also a lot of power for passing or merging on long roads. Drivers can also utilize the launch control features to show off a little. The car goes from zero to sixty miles per hour in under five seconds. This is one of the swiftest times in the compact premium sports utility vehicle segment and matches its closest rivals in performance. The handling and braking of the car are also good. The Porsche Macan is swift and light because of the responsive and precise steering wheel and a suspension that controls the body of the car well. There is also a lot of traction from the all-wheel drive. The sole issue is the transmission shifting at very low speeds.




The Porsche Macan is one of the hardest drives in this segment. The users will feel the imperfections and bumps in the street. But it is not overly uncomfortable or hard. On the open roads, the car is silent, with only a little noise from the turbocharged engine. The car also comes with adjustable front seats that can be adjusted in more than thirteen ways. They give a lot of lumbar support and bolstering without giving a feeling of restriction. The brand also gives sportier seats for the people who like a little more support when doing some aggressive driving. The climate control system is also quite good. But the vents do not have a broad range of adjustments. A few of the controls are also not easy to see. The car's base price is on par with other performance-oriented premium sports utility vehicles. But at this cost, it does not have some major features such as adaptive cruise controls, a sunroof, and keyless ignition and entry. These can be added, but choosing these options can make the car costlier. The finish of the car is great, and things such as the turn of a knob or a click of a button feel good in this car than in some of the other rival cars.




The Porsche Macan is the benchmark in the segment when it comes to the overall performance. It has a sporty vibe, a strong engine, and precise handling that gives the feeling of a sports car rather than a sports utility vehicle. But the car is very costly when you start adding some of the customization options that the brand provides. There is also not a lot of space in the cargo and in the rear passenger seats.


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