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Porsche Panamera 2022: A Brief Overview Of The Luxury Car

Author: Srikanth Krishna on May 12,2022
Porsche Panamera

You may have heard of many tools that help you do a lot of things. But the Germans have taken the upper hand with the Porsche Panamera 2022. The luxury car is a premium wagon, a sedan with an elongated base for more space, or a sports hatchback. It has a lot of body styles on offer. It also has a turbocharged engine, a hybrid one, and some powertrains. There are also more than seven trim levels and a very extensive list of add-ons to take your pick from. You may choose any specifications you want regarding the Porsche Panamera 2022. The car is comfy, premium, and great to drive. When you want a premium cruiser, a sedan for good performance, or anything in between these two things, it is worth thinking about. It is that good.




There are people that use a sports car for their everyday use around town. But the other sports cars from the brand are not the types of vehicles that can be used for daily drives. A very luxurious cabin present also creates a more balanced choice for people who need some space for children and luggage. Many of the trims of the car come with a turbocharged engine. But a twin-turbo engine is also present. There is also a plug-in hybrid with more than five hundred horsepower. The handling of the Porsche Panamera 2022 is swift and engaging, like the other sports vehicles from the brand. The roofline of the car gives it an edgy feel that is found in other sports sedans from rival brands. Suppose you are someone that is looking for even more practicality. In that case, you can go for a Porsche Panamera 2022 Sport Turismo station wagon. Users who want more power can go for the Panamera Turbo.




The vehicle has a cabin that has kept its attention firmly on the driver's comfort. It feels and looks very premium and is in sync with its high price. The comprehensive list of the default features is appropriate for the segment. But like any other car from this brand, the list of add-ons is extensive but costly. The updates can include things such as a fire extinguisher, climate-control vents that are covered in leather, and massaging seats. There are some typical options, such as a power-operated rear sunshade, multi-zone auto climate control, soft-close doors, and ventilated seats. You will also enjoy the sports sedan that can be adjusted in more than seventeen ways. The passenger sits a lot lower inside the Porsche Panamera 2022. This gives a feel of a sports car to the hatchback. Also, the car is very spacious inside. This applies to even tall passengers. The executive models have legroom comparable to that found in a limousine.


The center console is also very high-tech and has a lot of touch-sensitive controls for functions that include climate control. But this all-touch system can be a little finicky and complicated to utilize when driving around. But users can get used to it in a short while. The car also gives a great amount of space for storage. It has more than seventeen cubic feet of space for cargo.


Tech Features


The usual Bose sound system present does a good job. So, you will not have to go for the update on audio, which is quite costly. The sound output of the sound system is clear and rich. You can also increase the volume to levels that satiate your need for music. Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration with smartphones are also present by default. The navigation system present on board is one of the better systems if one is not using their phone. The main display of the Porsche Panamera 2022 is easy to control and responsive. Users will also like the gauge cluster pod that can cue up a tiny navigation display. But you will not be as impressed with the accommodations regarding smartphones. The Bluetooth takes a little time to connect than in the other vehicles. Users will also find that the phone gets hot in the wireless charger. This does not give sufficient power for charging while the phones are in use. There are also not many choices present for charging your phones beyond that. 


The vehicle does not have USB ports for the passengers seated in the rear. This is quite disappointing for a premium sedan that is purported to be one of the flagships of the brand. The advanced river aids are optional in the vehicle. This is not usual from such a premium brand. We have also tested the various aids of the vehicle. They are quite well-tuned to drown out any false alarms.






The vehicle shows that a large premium sedan can have sleekness and sophistication. The entry-level car gives a lot of power to go to sixty miles per hour in only five seconds. The brakes are also very powerful. It took the car to a dead stop just over a hundred feet. We would have been very surprised if a car from any other brand had given this level of performance. It is not only the straight-line performance that the car does well. The accuracy and response of the steering are also among the best in the segment. It also does a great job of navigating around the corners. The Porsche Panamera 2022 is a very nimble and composed vehicle. The base model of the vehicle will not bend any laws of physics such as the higher models do. But there is a lot of athleticism to uphold the overall reputation of performance of the car.


The vehicle functions just the way you want any premium sedan to. The one thing that we did not like was the accelerator pedal, which is a little heavier than usual. It is something that users will have to get used to overtime. But that can take some time.




Some premium sedans out there give more comfort than this vehicle. But not many cars can match the performance of the line-up. There have been some concessions that have been made in exchange for the great dynamic capability. The suspension also smooths out all the bumps in the road. You can also get sports seats. The default seats do not have the necessary support and adjustment during hard driving. But they give good baseline comfort. The climate control interface is not as simple as it should be. There are vents that are controlled by a touchscreen. These look cool but are not as convenient as the usual manually paintable vents. The overall system has a good capacity for cooling. The ventilation and the heated seats also perform well. There is also a little road noise inside the cabin. But the ambient and wind noise usually on the highway is not heard here. The engine also cannot be heard inside the cabin.




The build quality of all the cars from this brand is usually of the top class. This vehicle is also no different. But there are some materials present in the vehicle's interior that do not match the vehicle's price tag. For instance, the materials of the door and even the knob for the drive mode on the steering wheel do not feel so luxurious. You may have to shell out a lot more than the base price to get some of the extra features. This does not make the vehicle an undesirable option by any means. But it does give a good value for your money also. The warranty coverage and roadside assistance for the brand are the usual for this class.




The Porsche Panamera 2022 is one of the most premium athletic sedans. It is also very useful because of the hatchback style. There are a few disadvantages as well. These include a premium cost and a complex interface.

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