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Porsche Safety and Features: Everything You Need to Know

Author: Nidhi Sood on Oct 31,2022
Porsche Safety and Features

Being so exclusive, Porche cars tend to come with a hefty price tag. However, even if you can't necessarily afford one, that doesn't mean you can't own one. Many secondhand car dealerships sell used Porsches, so it is possible to buy one for far less than the sticker price of a new one. Whether you plan to purchase or lease a pre-owned Porsche or finance an existing one, you should know some safety and feature factors before parting with your money. 

Certain features come standard on all Porche models, and others are optional extras; however, many of these features cost extra and may not be worth the cost in the long run. Let's dive further into the discussion.


Safety Features


When it comes to road safety, the 911 Carrera ranks among the very best. And has been awarded the maximum five stars in driver and passenger safety by the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). All Porche models come with several safety features as standard, including electronic stability and recovery system (ESRS) and electronic brake force distribution (EBD), seatbelt (front and rear) pre-tensioners, front and rear parking sensors, lane assist, and windscreen wipers. The 911 E-Hybrid's standard features include the following:

  • The Pre-Safe system.
  • A tire pressure monitor.
  • An airbag sensor that measures the severity of impact during a collision.

You can also add some optional safety features to your Porche model. These include blind spot monitoring, rear-end collision warning systems, lane-change assistance, parking sensors, radar cruise control, traffic sign recognition, and night vision.


Standard Equipment


Air Conditioning: All Porche models are equipped with climate control, which regulates the temperature and flow of air throughout the cabin. The HVAC system is also designed to clear humidity and dust particles from the air to provide a comfortable ride. 

Cruise Control: All Porche models come standard with cruise control, which enables you to keep a set speed while driving long distances. 

Keyless Entry: All Porche models have a keyless entry system to lock and unlock automatically.

 - Infotainment System: All Porche models come with an infotainment system that allows you to listen to music, make phone calls, and surf the web while on the road.


Other Equipment


There are many other features you can add to your Porche model. These include:

Heated Seats: All Porche models come with heated seats, which can be helpful when driving in cold weather conditions. 

Reversing Camera: All Porche models come with a rear-view camera, which displays what is behind your vehicle on the infotainment system's screen while reversing. 

Parking Sensors: You will have parking sensors emitting an audible beep when you get too close to an object behind the vehicle. 

Blind Spot Monitoring: All Porches come with blind spot monitoring, which alerts you of cars or pedestrians on your rear-view screen when you signal to change lanes.

 - Sunroof: Many Porche models have an open sunroof, which allows fresh air to blow through the cabin while driving.


Dealerships and MFG Warranty Info


Usually, a new Porche car comes with a standard three-year/100,000-mile limited warranty. However, if you buy a used Porsche, you may want to check the car's history and any accidents or damages on the car's title and if it offers a warranty.


Traffic Jams Assistance


Congestion and stop-and-go traffic on the road can create dangerous situations, frequently resulting in fender benders when other drivers stop short ahead of you. This feature helps with those issues. 

You'll stay in the center of your lane and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles in traffic by using gentle steering and torque adjustments.


Head-Up Display (HUD)


Reduce the time you spend distracted from the road using this innovative feature found in new Porsche models. Important data for your vehicle, such as speed or GPS directions, will be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of your windshield, so you can check it without taking your eyes off the road.


Lane Change Assist


Highway accidents are frequently caused by drivers changing lanes without being aware of vehicles in their blind spots. This system anticipates the problem by using sensors to detect vehicles where they would otherwise be invisible. 

Alerts will notify you of the presence of these vehicles, so you'll always know whether it's safe to cross.


Recognition of Traffic Signs


This feature acts as an extra pair of eyes and can help you recognize traffic patterns and road rules ahead of time, keeping you fully aware at all times. You'll be updated on important information like speed limits, so you always know what restrictions are in effect where you're driving.


Assist with Night Vision


This innovative feature makes driving after hours much safer. An infrared camera detects obstacles on the road, such as pedestrians or wildlife, before your headlights can illuminate them. This feature allows you to react with more time than you would otherwise have in low-visibility conditions.


Brake and Collision Assist


In the event of an impending accident, your Porsche is intelligent enough to intervene and assist. If obstacles are detected in the collision area ahead of your vehicle, and an accident appears imminent, this system activates, performing an automatic emergency stop if necessary to protect you and your passengers.


Tinted Windows


Regarding safety features, tinted windows are probably the most controversial. On the one hand, installing tinted windows on your Porche can reduce glare and improve the car's look. 

On the other hand, tinted windows can reduce visibility, which is never a good idea if you are a driver. While some states allow up to 20% tinting, others allow only 10% or even less. You may want to check the laws in your area before installing tinted windows on your Porche model.


Engine Lock-up Function


Porche models equipped with the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (7DCT) have an engine lock-up function. This enables the car to momentarily switch to a single gear to accelerate or decelerate quickly. It is a standard feature on the 911 GT3 models and optional on other Porche models. 

The engine lock-up function can be helpful in certain driving conditions, such as driving in hilly terrain or highway driving where sudden acceleration or braking is required. However, it can also cause damage to your engine if used for prolonged periods. You must switch it off when not in use.




Airbags are crucial in sustaining and minimizing injuries during a car crash. All Porche models come equipped with airbags, including knee airbags for the driver and passenger. There are two types of airbags: frontal airbags, which are deployed at the moment of impact, and knee airbags, which are deployed before the collision to protect the knee area.

Frontal airbags are deployed in both the driver and passenger seats. You may want to check if the model you want to buy is equipped with knee airbags. Additionally, you may want to check if the airbags have been deployed in the past and if they are still functional.


Electronic stability and Recovery System (ESRS)


All Porche models come with an electronic stability and recovery system (ESRS), which uses sensors to detect skids and corrects them by applying brakes and reducing engine power. The system can also be manually activated via a switch on the dashboard. 

The ESRS can be helpful in certain driving conditions, such as driving in hilly terrain or wet or slippery surfaces. However, it can also cause damage to your car if used for prolonged periods. It's recommended to switch it off when not in use.


Final Words


Porche cars are renowned for their safety and luxurious style. No wonder they come with a hefty price tag and are not exactly affordable for everyone. If you are considering purchasing a Porche for yourself or as a gift, you may consider leasing one or buying a used one.

As far as used Porche cars go, there are many options available from secondhand dealerships, including pre-owned Porche models and used Porche parts. Before parting with your money, ensure you have all these safety and essential features and make an informed decision.

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