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The Line between VW Beetle and Porsche


The Volkswagen Beetle is an economical car which is manufactured in Germany. Theo manufacturing company is called the Volkswagen. This utility car is also well known officially as Volkswagen Type 1. It is informally referred to as Bug because of its shape. This car has been in production from 1938 up to 2003. It has its history from 1930s when it was designed. During the 1930s period, it was not produced largely till 1945 when mass production was seen. The designing of the car for mass production was done by Ferdinand Porsche. This was as a result of Adolf Hitler who commissioned Porsche to feature in mass production. Hitler was a car fanatic and believed that every class of people should own a car.

The Influencer of Volkswagen Beetle

This idea of Hitler that there were people who needed to own cheap cars resulted to the Volkswagen Beetle being branded another name. This name was the people's car. The people's car has had a series of evolutions since the 1930s. After 1945, there followed a remarkable improvement in 1950. It was made more comfortable and powerful beating most European small cars. It was a top seller in the United States because of its sustainability of higher speed on the autobahn. The high build quality and the innovation involved in the Volkswagen resulted to new models of buses.

The multiple changes that have been done on the Volkswagen Beetle never in any way tampered with its size and shape. The Beetle that is being produced in the 21st century incorporates multiple modern engine improvements. The public are well acquainted with the name Beetle, and it has now been its name.

The History of Porsche

Porsche got into the market in 1939. It was designed using many components of the Volkswagen beetle. The first model was to be the 356 that was built in Austria. It was later shown to the auto leaders from Germany and then marked a series of mass production. The 356 model was the first Porsche because it was sold by the fledging company. The 356 Porsche was certified as road worthy in 1948. The Reutter Karosserie in 1952 collaborated with the Volkswagen. This company was based in Zuffenhaunsen.

The Relationship between Porsche and Volkswagen

The relationship between the Beetle and Porsche is seen in the mode of their engine. The engine compositions of both cars are similar. Both cars are designed to operate at high speed. Since the designer is one individual, then it means they both have the ability speed on the autobahn. Their sizes are the same and of the same standard. The new models of Porsche and the Volkswagen are designed to meet the specific standard specifications.

The Porsche car has performed well in the market due to the driving force of its designers. This car has been highly preferred by people because of its size and speed. The Porsche engine does not fail easily. The car's production has stood for long because it is a family business. After the death of Ferdinand Porsche, his son took over the company. Porsche cars received tremendous improvements in the 21st century. It is now the best cars sold in the United States.

Image credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vw-porsche914-typenbezeichnung.JPG

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