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Will Porsche Deliver the Baby Boxster?

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Aug 24,2017

Hopefully coming in any future model year, Porsche brings what would be a considered an entry level Porsche. Nicknamed “Baby”, this new Boxster model is an even more compact sized Boxster. With a price point estimated at under $50,000, the “Baby” Boxster will be marketed to first time Porsche buyers and the young professional set. Many automobile pundits wonder why Porsche may release such a model and if catering to the young budget buyer market is hurting its brand name.


The “Baby” Boxster may possibly be what a Porsche is all about. Huge power in a compact vehicle. Porsche experts will of course say that the 911 is the quintessential Porsche. They may also say that the “Baby” Boxster, the Boxster, Cayman and Panamera are straying away from the Porsche “ideal”. When the Cayman first came out in 2003, it was criticized negatively as much as it was lauded. Yet, it remains a success and is still in production.


What does the Cayman example mean for the “Baby” Boxster? Porsche, recently bought out completely by Volkswagen AG, is trying to find new markets. Is that not the point of business? Seek out new markets and hopefully profit? They are not risking their company’s credibility by releasing non-conventional or non-911 models like the Cayman or the concept “Baby” Boxster. In fact, the Cayman and the Panamera solidified the brand even more. Everything coming from designers and engineers have been successes critically and financially.


The “Baby” Boxster may or may not come out in the future. Not all of us can afford a special edition 911 model, but the “Baby” Boxster can deliver what we want: Porsche power and performance at an affordable price. Kudos to Porsche for catering to all fans of their brand. We will be waiting for this “Baby”.


Image Credit: Robert S. Donovan at Flickr


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