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Porsche Pays Tribute to Polish Racing Driver with 911 Dakar

Porsche Pays Tribute to Polish Racing Driver with Bespoke 911 Dakar

Image: Porsche Polska/Facebook

The 1968 London to Sydney Marathon stands as a testament to human endurance and mechanical fortitude, a grueling rally that stretched over 10,000 miles and captivated the world. Among the heroes of this epic journey was Sobieslaw Zasada, a Polish racing driver whose skill and determination left an indelible mark on motorsport history.

In recognition of his remarkable feat, Porsche has unveiled a bespoke 911 Dakar, the Red58 Special edition, a vehicle that not only commemorates Zasada's legacy but also embodies the spirit of adventure that the original marathon espoused.

Sobieslaw Zasada: A Racing Legend


Sobieslaw Zasada with Porsche 911 Dakar red58

Image: Porsche Polska/Facebook

Sobieslaw Zasada, a name synonymous with racing excellence, carved his niche in the annals of motorsport through a career laden with accolades. A three-time European Rally Champion, Zasada's prowess behind the wheel was undeniable. His participation in the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon was a highlight, showcasing his exceptional talent and the capabilities of his then-steed, a Blood Orange Porsche 911S. Zasada's journey through the marathon was more than a race; it was a narrative of resilience that continues to inspire.

The 1968 London to Sydney Marathon


The marathon itself was an automotive odyssey, a rally that pushed competitors to the brink across continents and through varied, often treacherous, terrains. Zasada, with his co-driver Marek Wachowski, tackled the challenge in their Porsche 911S, a vehicle that would become iconic for its endurance.

Their performance was stellar, securing a fourth overall finish and a victory in the Australian leg of the race. The Blood Orange Porsche 911S, with its number 58 emblazoned on the side, became a symbol of their triumph, akin to the prowess of the Porsche 997, and the enduring legacy of the rally.

Rediscovery of a Legend


Decades later, the legend of Zasada and his Porsche 911S was rekindled by Polish documentarians who embarked on a quest to locate the historic vehicle. Their journey culminated in the documentary film Red 58, which not only traced the car's whereabouts but also reignited interest in Zasada's story.

This rediscovery inspired Porsche's Polish division to commission the Porsche 911 Dakar Red58 Special edition, a modern tribute to the classic rally car. Crafted through Porsches exclusive Sonderwunsch program, the Red58 Special is a one-off masterpiece that captures the essence of the original 911S, complete with its distinctive Blood Orange hue and the iconic number 58, a homage to a bygone era of racing glory.

The Red58 Special edition is more than a car; it's a mobile monument to a historic moment in racing, a celebration of Sobieslaw Zasada's indomitable spirit, and a testament to Porsche's commitment to honoring its rich motorsport heritage.

The Porsche 911 Dakar Red58 Special Edition


In a fitting tribute to the legendary Sobieslaw Zasada, Porsche has meticulously crafted the 911 Dakar Red58 Special edition. This bespoke marvel is not just a car; it's a piece of history, reimagined on four wheels. Every curve, line, and hue on the Red58 Special is a nod to Zasada's original Blood Orange Porsche 911S. Incorporating elements reminiscent of the revered Porsche 993, the 'Red58 Special' edition further bridges the gap between the brand's illustrious past and its innovative future.

The vehicle boasts a livery that echoes the past, with the number 58 prominently displayed, just as it was during the 1968 marathon. The Sonderwunsch program, Porsche's custom-tailoring service, has ensured that this one-off edition is as much a work of art as it is an engineering masterpiece, blending heritage with modernity in a seamless tribute to a racing icon.

The Australian Connection


Zasada's victory in the Australian leg of the 1968 marathon is a storied chapter in motorsport history, one that resonates deeply with the Australian motorsport community. In a recent homage to this victory, a father-son duo embarked on a daring journey across the Simpson Desert in a Porsche 911 Dakar.

Their expedition was not just a test of endurance but also a charitable endeavor, raising funds for the FightMND charity, dedicated to combating motor neuron disease. This event underscores the enduring connection between the Porsche brand and the Australian spirit of adventure and philanthropy.

The Enduring Legacy of the Porsche 911


The Porsche 911 is more than just a car; it's an enduring symbol of motorsport excellence. Its silhouette is instantly recognizable, and its engine's roar is the heartbeat of racing enthusiasts worldwide. The Red58 Special edition is a contemporary embodiment of the 911's storied legacy, a tangible reminder of the vehicle's timeless appeal and its continuous evolution. This special edition is a testament to the 911's ability to not only remain relevant through the decades but to also serve as a canvas for celebrating historic moments in racing.

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A Salute to History and Heroism


As we reflect on Sobieslaw Zasada's remarkable achievements and the indelible mark he left on the world of motorsport, it becomes clear why such triumphs deserve to be celebrated. The Porsche 911 Dakar Red58 Special edition is more than a collector's item; it's a historical homage, a bridge between the past and the present, and a beacon for the future of automotive excellence.

It stands as a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving and honoring our history, inspiring a new generation to push the boundaries of possibility. In the Red58 Special, Porsche has not only paid tribute to a racing legend but has also reaffirmed its commitment to the spirit of adventure and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

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