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Celebrating 50 Years of the Porsche 911

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 22,2017

It’s been 50 years since the 911 first came off the assembly lines and hit the pavement of Stuggart. Since then, it has been the model synonymous with the Porsche brand. It is the standard bearer or the flagship automobile of Porsche.


And the 911 turned 50 years old in this past week. So how did the company and 911 owners mark the occasion? In several official and unofficial events worldwide, Porsche owners gathered and drove their 911’s in celebration of the famous model.


Though not the 1963 model, a vintage 1967 model Porsche has been making the rounds worldwide. Visiting various auto shows from Europe to Asia, this 1967 model made stops in Paris and Shanghai. But it was also on display at auto shows like the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in the USA, the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England and the Techno Classica in Germany.


In Silverstone, England, at their famous race track, which hosted several F1 events, a 1965 911 was spotted. A special racing model of the 911 veered its way through the chicanes and straightaways of the famous track. The “Project 50” 911 was a special race model designed for the 50 anniversary. It took test runs around the track; it’s appearance was a mere precursor to it racing debut at Goodwood in two weeks.

Again at Silverstone, prior to the Grand Prix, over 1200 911 owners converged for a ceremonial ride around the track. Various 911 models from almost every year of production took part in the ride. From vintage, to prototypes, to racing models, to the 2014 model sold today, the show of support and love for the 911 was extremely strong that afternoon in England.


That event at Silverstone established a world record of 911s in one place. From every part of the globe, the Porsche 911 is celebrated. It is an automobile that owners never want to let go or resell. The passion that goes into making the model stretches to the owners. And from what we saw over the past week, the passion from the owners proves the 911 is top of its class for years to come.


Image credit: David Merritt on Flickr


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