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Porsche 911 Featured in Top Gear Season 20 Episode 5

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Aug 29,2017

One of the greatest British imports in television, Top Gear, featured the 2014 Porsche 911 this month. Everyone’s favorite long-haired co-host, James May (who was ironically born in the same year as the Porsche 911, 1963) reviewed the 911 and test drove the 911 and put it to the works on the Top Gear race track. As he drove, he outwardly emitted, “How could you not like a Porsche 911!”

Whilst on the test track, James May marveled at the longer body, the lighter, aluminum shell, the upgraded engine, the seven speed manual gearbox and the refined suspension system. He also added that 911 enthusiast will not be impressed by the new 911 because it is “new” Which May said was it’s big problem. He said that the enthusiasts see the new features as the work of “Satan”. Also, the addition of electric power steering would be seen as unfaithful to the classic Porsche design and would be frown on.

He also mentioned the California company Singer, who designs 911 to classic specifications to appease classic enthusiast. Parts are vintage but it is coupled with modern addition without going too far into the future. And yes, James did take the Singer produced Porsche 911 out on the test track as well. He was impressed by the power, the sound of the engine and the superior handling. He also mentioned that though the car can be tuned to be more powerful, Singer wanted to keep the original feel that many classic enthusiasts enjoy. Over $400,000 is the price for the Singer 911. It is worth it with the unique touches and intricate details to the interior and to the engine. A funny fact about the Singer 911 is that the RPM tachometer goes to 11, a reference to the movie “Spinal Tap”.

James ended with the adage that the Singer produced classic 911 was a “love letter” to the model. It was considered a greatest hits version of all 911. To the dismay of Jeremy Clarkson, his co-host went on and on about the quality of the 911. Apparently, everyone, including the audience were impressed by the “glorified Beetle”.

Image credit: upcomingvehiclesx on Flickr


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