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Porsche Design Expands the Company Brand

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 08,2017

The name Porsche is long associated with the performance automobile. From their classic 911, to the Cayenne and to the Panamera, the Porsche brand is well regarded by auto consumers around the world. Their racing team and their concept design are well respected in the competitive automobile industry. But there’s more to Stuggart company than just what they produce on four wheels.

Porsche Design is the company’s design, home, clothing and accessories arm. For decades, this arm of the company has subtly extended the brand with its unique design in fashion and industrial design. Stores have appeared in luxury shopping malls around the world and the online store have merchandised, marketed and spread the Porsche brand name to the general public.

What is that Porsche Design creates? A little bit of everything. Let us start with their clothing line. Given that the modern Porsche design for their automobiles is sleek and modern with clean lines, the same can be said for their clothing line. It’s more sporty with solid that tends to favor minimal patterns and colors over garish designing. It’s look is on par with Armani Exchange, Ralph Lauren Polo Sport and DKNY. Suits, outerwear, sportswear are among the items of clothing that share the sleek, modern Porsche touch.

What are the perfect accessories for the Porsche owner on the go? Bags, of course. And an original staple of Porsche Design is their line of business, travel and personal bags for men and for women. Starting with travel bags, the Porsche line of luggage is quite large. Various sizes from small carry-ons all the way to travel bags over 30 inches in size. If you are an athlete, gym bags and even golf bags are for sale. Fashion handbags for women are included from clutches all the way to large totes.

Speaking of the great game of golf, Porsche-designed golf clubs were once an item sold by the sold. Partly designed by the automotive group, the clubs were sleek and aesthtically pleasing. Not sure if they were able to drop your handicap. And another athletic item from Porsche were their athletic shoes. The current line is co-designed by that other great German company, Adidas. Porsche and Adidas designed limited running shoes and cross training shoes for Porsche enthusiasts to take to the gym or to the track.

Back in the day, an automotive enthusiast would just need to wear a bomber jacket to show their pride for their automobile brand. With Porsche design, the enthusiast can find many ways to show their pride in their great brand. You take the brand away from the car and represent it at home, at the mall, at the gym, at the airport and even on the golf course.

Image credit: Deidre Wollard on Flickr


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