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The Panamera Gets a Little Makeover

Let’s face it, the stock Porsche is a monster on its own. Yet, many of Porsche enthusiasts want to take their love for their cars to an even higher level. They are willing to spend even more money for their cars. There are owners who go out of their way to restore Porsches back to their original conditions. And there are some that want to customize them to give them a new and some would say, enhanced look.

While many 911s have been customized and tuned for race and for sport, the Panamera has been somewhat untouched. The four door sedan class automobile has not been the subject of much customization due to its connotation with a different market of buyers. The four door Porsche has appealed to an older, conservative demographic that prefers Porsche performance coupled with a less sportier, less aggressive look.

TechArt, a much renowned tuning company that specializes in Porsche recently came out with their own custom design for the Panamera. And from the looks of it, the Panamera indeed is a sports class car with this facelift.

What did TechArt do to the Panamera. They began by using their GrandGT package, which is a kit. This aerodynamic body kit is made from carbon fiber and polyurethane RIM encompassing a built-in splitter and ventilation intakes for an improved airflow to the brakes and intercooler. There’s more air to flow into the intake and to other components. It doesn’t stop there.

Other changes include revamped headlights, carbon fiber hood with more vents, beefy side skirts, wheel arch extensions, roof spoiler, rear apron with air vents and a diffuser.

The wheels get enhanced with a larger size. The high gloss black 22-inch forged wheels, covering the sports brakes calipers in copper-colour. The black colored wheels brings a nice contrast to the white colored GrandGT package.

There are three main goals to this customization: better stability, better aerodynamics and better designs. Given the designs and the materials, TechArt’s goal was to not just make a better looking Panamera but to make a better performing one. With respect to the engine and to the original tuning, TuneArt know what they are doing and they have done it well for a long time.


Image credit: xisparrero on Flickr


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