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The Porsche Driver’s Selection for the Home and Office

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 26,2017

Where does the Porsche lifestyle begin? Naturally it begins with one of their amazing vehicles? From the flagship 911, to the Panamera and the ultimate 918 Spyder, the Porsche lifestyle represents speed, class and performance. The Frankfurt already opened brand experience store around the world and they have plenty of items to bring the Porsche lifestyle into your home and office.

The new addition from the Porsche Driver Selection introduced new and unique home and office items at the recent International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The big show where automotive manufacturers around the world showed off and debuted many new models for next year and beyond. Of course, Porsche brought out their line of cars featuring the 911, the new Panamera and the 918 Spyder. But they added new items to their brand store online and at locations around the world.

The centerpiece to a great office is a great desk and chair. Though Porsche has not developed a great desk yet they did come out with an office. And it’s not your usual office chair --  it is cut from the same premium black leather that is in the 911. Aside from giving the owner the same feel as sitting in the 911, it features an electric backrest adjustment and an embossed Porsche emblem on the headrest.

Need a wall shelf in your office? Using the same carbon-fiber material coming from an original Porsche 911 GT3 rear spoiler, the wall shelf comes from repurposed material that once was used for racing. The carbon fiber material used for the spoiler and now the wall shelf is relatively light but very strong -- able to support up to 264 pounds.

The last item you might want coincides with the release of the new 918 Spyder. A 1:8 scale resin model of the 918 can be yours for your desk. It is a limited edition items and cleverly, only 918 of these resin models are available. And all of these items are coming off the convention and to the brand experience shops today.

Image credit: Jaeger-Meister on Flickr

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