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Porsche Gets a New Accolade

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 16,2017

When it comes to shopping for a new automobile, going to the dealership and haggling for an hour can be quite the hassle and an element that turns people off to the whole process. Most people do not have to deal with any salespeople the moment they walk into the lot. They want to see the sticker and they want to see the amenities the car has.

All of that can be done on the Internet through Porsche’s official website. Through the website, one can find thorough information on all of the latest Porsche models. The website even provides a feature that allows prospective buyers the ability to customize their choice of Porsche model. You change play with the exterior color, interior color, additional dashboard components and aftermarket racing parts.

The Porsche company received a new accolade due to the ease of use and performance of its website. New-vehicle shoppers ranked Porsche’s online store as highest in their 2013 Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study. This study measures the usefulness of automaker websites during the shopping process. Porsche’s No. 1 rankings in the key categories of Navigation, Options/Features/Specs, Find a Dealer and Locate Inventory.

Andre Oosthuizen, Vice President of Marketing for Porsche Cars North America, Inc stated, “We are very excited to be at the top of this ranking. Our websites are critical to our ability to drive demand and help our customers engage with our products...We plan to continually push ourselves forward to deliver the best possible online experience.”

The study was conducted among over 10,100 online shoppers -- all the users indicated to wanting to purchase a new vehicle. Aside from the microsites available for each model, the scrolling feature on the website was found to be useful for tablet users. In fact, the tablet usage grown 145% for new vehicle buyers.

Porsche welcomes all new car buyers and their friendly website indicates that. You as the buyer should visit the Porsche website before making that all important trip to the dealership. All the information, customizations and options are right in front of you -- take your time and choose well.

Image credit: Andreas Dantz on Flickr


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