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Porsche Takes the 50K Plus Title

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 02,2017

Cars over the $50K price range are certain to be good and worth the price they’re sold at. There are even accolades to cars in this price, most notably, Motor Authority awards entries in this class. And Porsche receives yet again another accolade.

Motor Authority, a leading automobile publication and news service, awarded the 2014 Cayman as the “Best Car to Buy” -- the award is handed out to manufacturers who produced the best car in the $50K price range. Other luxury cars in the class had nothing on the slick, sporty yet luxurious ride that the new Cayman provides.

The Cayman and the Cayman S are both mid-range coupes that are built on the boxer platform. While not being a convertible, the Cayman provides the performance and speed that Porsche is well-known for. But what separates the Cayman is its subtle style and lack of aggressive features.

The industry trend tends to move away from an overall sporty look into one that blends elegance and style. So what you get with the Cayman is a mature, elegant coupe built on top of a roaring sports engine. Not really putting itself into any genre of car, the Cayman can be classed as either a luxury or sports coupe.

Whatever you classify the Cayman, many notable authorities are recognizing the model. IT went up against eight other competitors, including another Porsche model. And the Cayman signified the third year in a row where Porsche has taken home the prize, with both the Boxer and 911 winning in previous years.

Running on a 2.7 liter V6 engine that revs up to 275 hp, the Cayman has impressive power for such a compact engine. But the name of the competition was best of class at the price range. And if you don’t have the resources to purchase the pricey 911 and 918, the Cayman is just as good and can turn its share of heads. You won’t be disappointed.

Image credit: Porsche Nederland on Flickr


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