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The Best Porsche Boxster Models To Purchase Right Now

Boxster Models To Purchase Right Now


The seventh-generation Porsche Boxster is a fantastic sports car, but it's not the most exciting of its breed. Its predecessor, the seventh-generation Cayman, was a great car with an even greater engine note and dynamic handling. The Boxster makes up for this in some respects by being cheaper than the Cayman and having a more forgiving ride thanks to its cushioned suspension and lower center of gravity. Both cars are brilliant track day staples, but there are several lesser models in the new range that you should avoid if you can help. The time has never been better to buy a new Porsche Boxster. Let's take a closer look at all seven of them below.


New Porsche Boxster Review

Let's start with the basics. How much does the new Porsche Boxster cost? You can expect to pay between $52,650 and $79,650 for a new Boxster. However, the average price of the car is likely to be higher than this, thanks to various optional extras. The entry-level Boxster is now $10,000 cheaper than it used to be, while the most expensive model comes with a $10,000 price hike over its predecessor. You should also be aware that the Boxster is available in two distinct body styles. First, there's the standard Boxster, which is a 2-door convertible that features a sloping roofline. Then, there's the Boxster Spyder, which builds on the standard car's roofline to produce a more attentive 2-door roadster. The difference between these body styles is fairly significant. The Spyder, for example, is around $15,000 more expensive than the standard Boxster.


Boxster S

The Boxster S model is $16,000 more expensive than the entry-level Boxster. You're getting a lot of extra tech and hardware for that cash, though. The Boxster S has many active driving and safety systems, including Porsche Active Suspension Management, Porsche Torque Vectoring, and Porsche Intelligent Performance. The car is also outfitted with an updated Porsche Communication Management system and Porsche Connect web-based infotainment system. The Boxster S is also the first Boxster to feature an all-electric powertrain. This is the Porsche E-Hybrid system, which can switch between an electric powertrain and a combustion engine. The Boxster S is a fantastic sports car, whether it's running on electricity or gasoline.


Boxster GTS

The Boxster GTS is the most hardcore version of the standard Boxster model. This track-focused version of the Boxster comes with many of the same features as the Boxster S. You'll find Porsche Active Suspension Management and Porsche Torque Vectoring on board, as well as Porsche Intelligent Performance. However, these systems have been further refined for the GTS, so you can expect them to be more responsive than ever before. The GTS also comes fitted with an adaptive sports steering wheel, which can be adjusted to suit different driving conditions and driver preferences. The Boxster GTS also has a Sports Exhaust system fitted as standard. This helps to create a much louder and more characterful engine note than you'd find in the standard Boxster. You may want to consider the optional carbon fiber roof if you go for the GTS. This is a $3,000 option that looks fabulous but slightly reduces the practicality of the GTS.


Boxster Spyder

The Boxster Spyder is a more track-focused version of the Boxster Spyder. This special model is available only with a manual gearbox and in a single, eye-catching color. The Spyder is significantly more expensive than the standard Boxster model, though. You'll pay about $15,000 more for the Spyder than the Boxster's base version. That's not a huge amount of money, but it's enough that you should be sure that you want an open-top roadster before you commit to it. The Spyder is a great roadster but doesn't offer the same level of comfort as the standard Boxster. The Spyder isn't as well-equipped as the standard Boxster, although it does feature a fantastic sports exhaust system. This creates a fantastic engine note that's much louder than that of the standard Boxster.


Boxster Heritage Edition

The Boxster Heritage Edition is a special Boxster that celebrates the car's 30th anniversary. However, this is a more limited and expensive version of the standard Boxster model. You'll pay around $15,000 more for the Heritage Edition than you would for the standard car. That's a lot of money to spend on a car that doesn't offer much more than the standard model. The Boxster Heritage Edition is distinguished by its unique color scheme and special badges. It's arguably a more attractive car than the standard Boxster, but it's certainly not $15,000 more attractive.


Boxster 718 Edition


The Boxster 718 Edition is a very special model. This is a very limited-edition version of the standard Boxster model that commemorates the car's racing history. The 718 Edition features a great-sounding special sports exhaust system and an updated 7-speed manual gearbox. It's also the only model in the Boxster range that comes fitted with a limited-slip differential. The 718 Edition also has a special sports suspension, Porsche Active Suspension Management, and Porsche Torque Vectoring. These systems help make the 718 Edition's ride more responsive and dynamic than the standard Boxster. The 718 Edition also has a few aesthetic upgrades, such as red seatbelts, red brake calipers, and a red "7" badge on its front grille.



The best car in the new Porsche Boxster range is the Boxster Spyder. This is the most exciting car in the new lineup, and its open-top nature makes it the best car in the range to drive on a sunny day. The best value car in the new Boxster range is the base model. You get a lot of cars for $52,650, and the model is least likely to depreciate in value as time goes on. It's worth bearing in mind that the Porsche Boxster is a very mature sports car. It's been around for over two decades and has undergone many significant model changes. This means there's a lot of variety in the Boxster range, so finding the best model for you is a challenge.

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